Flying at TIA is impacted by bad weather

KATHMANDU: Bad weather has impacted travel to and from Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA).

According to the airport office, visibility issues generally impacted both domestic and international flights leaving the airport. Pratap Babu Tiwari, the airport’s general manager, claims that flights to a number of domestic and international destinations have been unable to depart on time due to bad weather and limited visibility, and that some international flights are currently in the air waiting to take off.

A Sri Lankan Airlines flight from Colombo to Kathmandu has been waiting in the sky for 30 minutes. Similar to that, Simara is currently above the Batik Air flight from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Some domestic flights have experienced delays, according to the airport.

The Department of Hydrology and Meteorology’s weather forecast division reports that the country is currently experiencing rain and wind because of the influence of both local and western winds. Rain caused flight delays from Saturday afternoon until late Saturday night.

According to the department, there is currently partial to normal rainfall in a few places in the hilly regions of the Koshi and Bagmati provinces as well as one or two other locations. Since this morning, there has been a slight change in the sky over Kathmandu. In some parts of the valley, it is currently raining and thundering.

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Sunday April 30, 2023, 01:54:58 PM |

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