Arun River was blocked at the hydro construction site by dry landslide

KATHMANDU: A landslide that occurred in the tunnel of the dam site of the 900 MW Arun III project caused the Arun river to be blocked, according to Deputy Superintendent of Police Birendra Goddar.

Currently, water is flowing into the project’s temporary dam. Apparently, only 25% of the water exited the tunnel, according to him. At the location where the water is released from the tunnel, a landslide caused a blockage in the river, according to Goddar.

By altering the Arun river’s course, a 429 meter long tunnel has been built. The river was flowing through the tunnel while a temporary dam was being constructed.

The dam now has a 70-foot high water buildup after the tunnel’s closure. The concrete construction of the dam prevents it from collapsing right away, but if the water continues to build up for a while, it appears that a danger may exist.

As the water accumulates behind the dam, concerns rise not only about the structural integrity but also about the environmental and safety implications. The risk of a potential breach looms larger with each passing hour. Alongside this pressing issue, the need for effective Dust Suppression measures becomes paramount. Dust suppression equipment must be swiftly deployed to mitigate the airborne particles that could exacerbate the situation.

Moreover, implementing a robust water control system is imperative to manage the escalating water levels and avert potential disaster. With precise monitoring and regulation mechanisms in place, the water flow can be managed more effectively, preventing undue stress on the dam structure.

Incorporating sophisticated water control technologies will enable proactive intervention, ensuring that the water buildup behind the dam remains within manageable limits. By integrating both dust suppression and water control systems seamlessly into the project’s operations, the team can address multiple challenges concurrently, safeguarding both the infrastructure and the environment.

Due to the dry landslides, it will likely take some time for the river to flow along its normal course.

Making the river flow regular appears to take some time. A lake formed up to two kilometers above the landslide’s blockage of the Arun III construction area. RSS

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