Budget session of Federal Parliament begins today

KATHMANDU: Starting today, the Federal Parliament’s two houses will hold their annual session. President Ram Chandra Paudel has convened a session of the Parliament in accordance with Article 93, Clause (1) of the Nepalese Constitution, and the House is now about to begin its budget session.

All members of parliament have already been invited to the session scheduled for today at 4 PM at the International Conference in New Baneshwor by the Secretariat of the Federal Parliament. The main topics of this session will be the government’s policies, programs, and budget.

Finance Minister Dr. Prakash Saran Mahat will submit a proposal to discuss the guiding principles and priorities of the appropriation bill for the financial year 2023/24 (aside from the tax proposal) in today’s meeting because the pre-budget discussion will take place at the start of the session.

The Speaker of the House, Devraj Ghimire, will read the letter from the President regarding the call for the Parliamentary session and the most recent appointment of the new minister during today’s meeting of the House, according to the agenda.

The submission of Ordinance, 2080 BS by the Minister of Law, Justice, and Parliamentary Affairs to amend portions of the Nepalese Civil Code and the nomination of the member to preside over the meeting are also on the potential agenda.

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