Pre-budget discussion to begin in parliament from today

KATHMANDU: The Federal Parliament’s House of Representatives will begin debating the budget’s guiding principles and priorities today. On Sunday, Dr. Prakasharan Mahat, the minister of finance, presented the budget’s guiding principles and priorities.

The discussion will now be centered on that, according to the Parliament Secretariat. The meeting has been scheduled to begin at 11 am, according to the Parliament Secretariat.

The HoR’s Business Advisory Committee met on Sunday at Singha Durbar and decided to extend the pre-budget discussions by four days. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for a total of five hours and two hours respectively, the lawmakers will express their views on the proposal put forth by the finance minister.

On Wednesday itself, the finance minister will respond to the suggestions made by the MPs. The HoR’s pre-budget discussions will then come to an end.

The government’s policies and programs will be presented in the following meeting following the pre-budget discussions. The budget is required by the constitution to be presented annually on May 29. For that, the government is preparing.

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Monday May 8, 2023, 11:23:31 AM |

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