Govt allows migrant workers to bring up to two mobile sets without paying duty

KATHMANDU: A migrant worker who is returning home is now permitted to bring a second mobile device, per government approval.

According to Rekha Sharma, a spokesperson for the government, the Tuesday Cabinet meeting decided to review the restrictions on migrant workers’ ability to import mobile phone sets.

Currently, the government only permits one personal mobile phone to be brought into the country by a migrant worker returning to their home country.

Nepal Rastra Bank pledged one and a half years ago to limit import of conspicuous products, including the number of mobile sets, citing the shrinking foreign currency reserves.

In support of the central bank’s recommendation, the Department of Customs published a notice requesting that migrant workers arriving in Nepal from abroad and those returning home bring only one unit each of a tablet, computer, laptop, and mobile phone for personal use.

The DoC’s notice from that time states that importing these items in excess of the allowed amount is subject to customs duty or they will be seized.

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Wednesday May 10, 2023, 11:46:01 AM |

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