Cooperation between the Nepal and EU to boost trade – EU Ambassadors

KATHMANDU: A two-day EU Nepal Business Forum was held in the nation’s capital with the aim of boosting trade and attracting foreign investment. The program, which took place in the capital over the course of two days on Monday and Tuesday, went into great detail about the potential for foreign investment in Nepal and business development.

The transition of the country from a low-income to a middle-income country should be as smooth as possible in the short term, according to Minister of Industry, Commerce, and Supplies Ramesh Rijal.

In order to transition from a low-income to a middle-income country, he said, “we are realizing the necessary support and facilitation from the European Union.”. We have been enhancing our trade and investment policies constantly. We are following the advice provided by the relevant bodies. ”.

The European Union’s ambassador to Nepal, Donna Deprez, said that everyone should cooperate because the EU has a special opportunity to show solidarity and support for Nepal.

Dr. Thomas Prinz, the German ambassador to Nepal, reaffirmed Germany’s commitment to holding discussions and meetings on a regular basis and noted that additional gatherings would be required over the next few days to actually carry out the agreements made today. Riina-Riikka Heikka, the Finnish ambassador to Nepal, stated that the forum is a good venue for exchanging knowledge and building networks.

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