Mountaineering brought in Rs 746 million in revenue

KATHMANDU: Since the weather is ideal for climbing in the spring, a sizable number of climbers travel to Nepal from all over the world. Even Mount Everest climbers bring in money for the government.

The Department of Tourism has granted permission to citizens of 80 nations, including Nepal, to climb mountains this year, including Mount Everest. Here, Mount Everest solo ascent is authorized for residents of 65 nations, including Nepal. The Department’s mountain climbing division reports that revenue from permits has already totaled 746 million rupees.

Only Mt. Everest has generated income in this case totaling 655 million rupees. The most money has been collected from Mt. Lhotse, following Mt. Mt. Makalu as well as 28.3 million rupees. 130.6 million Indian rupees. According to Bigyan Koirala, section officer of the mountaineering division, this season saw the highest number of climbers granted permission to ascend Mount Everest in recorded history, and as a result, revenue collection increased as well.

467 climbers obtained permission to ascend Mount Everest.

The tourism department’s records show that 44 climbing groups, totaling 467 climbers, have requested permission to ascend Mount Everest. According to Section Officer Koirala, the climbers who have requested permission to ascend Mount Everest are almost there and are still requesting some permissions through Wednesday. The climbers who were granted permission are currently waiting to arrive at the base camp and second base camp on Everest.

A route up to the South Col (fourth camp) of Everest has been cleared by skilled workers (Icefall Doctors). The climbing begins after the rope has been hung on Everest’s summit. It is difficult for the icefall doctors to reach the peak, despite the fact that the road to Everest’s Chantho camp was opened on April 23 due to unfavorable weather. They have spent over a week at the base camp.

According to Imagine Nepal Trek and Expedition Company, which is in charge of constructing the road above the second Everest camp, climbing was halted due to a strong wind in the region above 7,500 meters of the mountain.

To reach the second camp of Everest, the Everest Pollution Control Committee (SPCC) traveled. On April 23, a road leading to Everest’s South Col was made public. The Department reports that 1,123 climbers, including 254 women and 869 men, from 126 mountaineering organizations, including Mount Everest, have requested permission to climb in the spring.

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