Now, one can get an NOC from the convenience of their home

KATHMANDU: The Foreign Study Permit Branch, which is a part of the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology, has introduced online procedures for issuing no objection certificates (NOCs).

On Monday, a program to introduce the online system for obtaining approval letters for studying abroad was held at the NOC office.

Beginning on May 15, students who have been using partial online services since August 28, 2020, will have access to full online services.

During the event, Minister of Education, Science, and Technology Ashok Kumar Rai expressed his gratitude for the removal of the requirement for students to ask their parents for help in obtaining an NOC.

Now, they can complete the form and print the certificate from the comfort of their own homes. The necessary fees for the NOC form can also be paid online by students. Minister Rai stated that although only 40% of the process has been completed, efforts are being made to quickly reach 100% completion.

It is admirable that students can independently complete the form and print the certificate without relying on their parents, the speaker said. Having a system in place for online payments is also fantastic.

Although we haven’t yet achieved 100%, we are steadily moving in that direction. This procedure will be managed by the Ministry of Education, which will also make sure it is ongoing and consistent. “.

Sections 7(3) and 7(4) of the Foreign Study Approval Guideline of 2079 specify that the service must be faceless, cashless, and paperless. This enables recipients to download their letters of approval for international studies electronically.

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