Gandaki Province to legalise cannabis for economic growth- CM Pandey

GANDAKI: According to Surendra Raj Pandey, the chief minister of the province of Gandaki, domestic alcoholic beverages and marijuana can be added to the legal framework as additional sources of revenue.

Speaking to the media in his hometown of Gorkha, he asserted that the legalization of cannabis cultivation is related to both the improvement of the provincial government of Gandaki’s economy and the income of its citizens.

It is time, according to Chief Minister Pandey, to decide whether marijuana should be classified as a drug or a medicine. “There should be discussion about whether marijuana is a drug or a medicine,” he said. “If it is a medicine, why not enact legislation and use it as a medicine?”. “.

Similarly, Chief Minister Pandey also mentioned that a lot of people are moving away from the villages, and that domestic booze production and hemp farming could be developed as businesses to generate income for the populace and the provincial government.

Federal law prohibits marijuana use. However, a discussion is required, he continued, “if it is also used as medicine, we believe that we should move forward with a new way of thinking about its cultivation. “.

He added that local marijuana cultivation and domestic alcohol production should be regulated by law. Small-scale alcohol industries will be run in the villages as well, he predicted, adding that doing so would boost the local economy and create jobs for the unemployed. “.

The legalization of marijuana and domestic alcohol is also something that Chief Minister Pandey said there is a plan to discuss with the federal government. He claimed that only the provincial government of Gandaki could not pass legislation to legalize marijuana, but that the federal government should take the initiative to do so.

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Thursday May 18, 2023, 05:34:56 PM |

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