Govt to mark 2080 decade as tourism decade

KATHMANDU: The government plans to recognize this decade as the Nepal Tourism Decade and 2025 AD as a special year for tourism.

The 2080s will be recognized as the Decade of Travel to Nepal, according to President Ram Chandra Paudel, who made the announcement while presenting the government’s annual policies and programs for the upcoming fiscal year, FY 2023/24.

“Visitors to Nepal will be encouraged in the 2080s BS. A special tourism year will be celebrated in 2025 AD, according to President Paudel.

The government has declared that in order to promote tourism, it will also invite well-known individuals from around the world. In a similar vein, he announced that a program honoring Mt. Everest climbers will be held in various categories for the promotion of tourism.

According to President Paudel, he will place a strong emphasis on promoting tourism by inviting well-known individuals from around the world. Additionally, the government has declared that foreign nationals who support Nepal internationally will receive special honors.

The government also announced plans to restructure Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC). Domestic and foreign airports, as well as the terminal buildings, will be modernized, according to President Paudel. Paudel declared that international connectivity would be increased by signing air agreements with new nations and reiterating his commitment to upholding the air standards.

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