Within two years, the government will offer jobs to 500,000 youths in Nepal

KATHMANDU: According to the government, in the next two years, 500,000 young people will be employed within the nation.

President Ram Chandra Poudel, speaking on behalf of the government, announced the policies and programs for the upcoming fiscal year and stated that 500,000 young people will be given jobs in Nepal over the next two years.

The government will carry out a unique campaign targeted at young people to meet this goal. This campaign, which will be conducted by the government in collaboration with the private sector, is called the National Skill Development and Employment Program.

The government has made the decision to combine the organizations that currently offer technical and professional training to create a national institute. The government has announced plans to find new destinations for foreign employment and make labor contracts. There is also a proposal to extend the labor agreements with the nations that currently have them.

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Friday May 19, 2023, 08:47:35 PM |

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