Government ramps up preparation to distribute driving licenses

KATHMANDU: To put an end to the current laborious and drawn-out process to obtain a driving license, the government is preparing to issue the license to the service seekers no later than a week after the process to do so begins. .

Prakash Jwala, the minister for physical infrastructure and transportation, stated during a program in the nation’s capital on Saturday that the entire licensing process is being simplified and expedited. He promised to buy more printing equipment so that driving licenses could be printed quickly and the practice of having to wait years to get new licenses put an end to.

In order to speed up the delivery of services, Minister Jwala also promised to amend and simplify some laws. Currently, a driver’s license must be renewed every five years. In order to make 10 years, this will be changed, he promised.

Minister Jwala stated that the government is working to increase the budget for road construction, despite the fact that investments in the infrastructure sector could not be increased due to the economic crisis. He added that prosperity could be attained by generating job opportunities through increased investment in the road network.

Another point made by Minister Jwala was that all agencies should work together to reduce the number of accidents on the roads.

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Sunday May 21, 2023, 12:08:50 PM |

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