NAC to fly Australia from June 21

Qatar Airways proposes management takeover of Nepal Airlines Corporation amid financial crisis

KATHMANDU: The national flag carrier, Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC), has reserved slots at Sydney International Airport in Australia.

NAC has been given permission and slots at Sydney Airport for two flights per week on Thursday and Saturday. The NAC submitted the required paperwork for flight authorization to the Australian Civil Aviation Authority after receiving approval for the flights from Sydney Airport.

Ganesh Kumar Ghimire, the NAC’s assistant spokesperson, stated that for the time being, NAC will operate flights to Sydney with a ‘technical landing’ in Singapore. The “necessary process” that will be used to operate flights starting on June 21 has been forwarded, he said. The NAC has begun the process of choosing an aviation fuel provider for Singapore and Sydney, and it has already chosen an MRO provider for Singapore and Sydney airports. .

The NAC reports that preparations have been made to operate a wide-body Airbus ‘A’ 330 direct flight from Australia to Sydney. .

Similar to this, NAC began regular service from Malaysia to Gautam Buddha International Airport on June 12. From Malaysia to Gautam Buddha International Airport, the promotional airfare costs just Rs 11,461.

Ghimire continued, “We have extremely affordable tickets for Malaysia-Bhairahawa-Kathmandu. The price of a ticket between Malaysia and Bhawahawa and Kathmandu has also been set at Rs 12,346.

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