PM Dahal to discuss additional air route with India during his state-visit

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KATHMANDU: According to Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, there is a good chance that during his upcoming trip to India, a new “air route” will be established.

Prime Minister Dahal stated that there will be a discussion on “trade transit” during his visit to India in response to questions that were asked about the policies and programs for the upcoming fiscal year during the House of Representatives meeting on Saturday.

Lawmakers questioned what would happen to the border dispute and the 1950 treaty during the Prime Minister’s visit to India during the discussion.

In response, Prime Minister Dahal told the House that additional concerns, such as the Treaty of 1950, would be brought up and that efforts would be made to reach an amicable agreement through negotiations.

The opening of chemical fertilizers was also mentioned by Prime Minister Dahal as a government priority. He stated that the topic of opening a fertilizer factory in Nepal will also be discussed during the trip to India.

On May 31, Prime Minister Dahal will embark on a four-day trip to India. On June 1, he is expected to speak with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

According to the prime minister, his trip to India will set a new record in support of Nepal and the Nepalese people.

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