Ncell strengthen its ties with people through concert in Biratnagar

KATHMANDU: The Ncell-Axiata Ltd-hosted concert that took place on Saturday at Biratnagar’s Hatkhola Grounds has been magnificently concluded. The audience at the concert enjoyed singing, dancing, and other forms of entertainment to the performances of well-known musicians and performers.

The Elements, Shiva Pariyar, Asmita Adhikari, Sunil Pandit, the top preformer Deepak Bajracharya and Rhythm Band, and Ashish Rana (Laure) were just a few of the performers who enthralled the audience with their performances. The concert became more exciting thanks to dancer Kiki Adhikari’s performance.

The enthusiasm of the thousands of Biratnagar spectators who were able to tune in to the musical program made the program even more grand. The audience sang and danced to Asmita Adhikari and Sunil Pandit’s songs despite the afternoon’s moderate heat.

According to Ncell, this musical event, which had the theme “Rejoicing always together,” amused its Biratnagar customers and connected with everyone who lives abroad via Facebook and other social media live. Additionally installed at the venue for the benefit of the patrons were Ncell booths and other food stalls.

Earlier, the 16th Ncell Presents Durbarmarg Street Festival ‘Purple Saturday’, which was held on the 2nd of Baisakh, has been magnificently finished in honor of the Nepali New Year 2080.

In the context of the ongoing work on how the economy, tourism business, which has been weakened for a number of reasons including the recent liquidity crisis, can be brought to revival, the organizers believe that the festival will provide a great support in this effort.

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