Two dozen companies are placed on a blacklist by PPMO

KATHMANDU: The Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers’ Public Procurement Monitoring Office has placed twenty companies on a blacklist.

The College of Employment Pvt Ltd Bharatpur Chitwan, Pappu Construction, Koshi and Neupane Nirman Sewa, YP Construction, and other companies are on the blacklist.

The College of Employment Pvt. On the advice of the Rural Enterprise and Remittance Project Itahari under the Ministry of Industry, Chitwan, where Mohan Neupane is the chief, has been on the blacklist for three years.

The two companies Koshi & Neupane Construction Services Pvt Ltd and Pappu Construction Pvt Ltd, both led by Sumit Rauniyar, have also been placed on a two-year blacklist.

Federal Road Supervision and Monitoring Office Pokhara and Shaheed Marg Road Project Liwang Rolpa both recommended adding these companies to a “blacklist.”.

Likewise, the Surendra Prasad Shrestha-led YP Construction Pvt Ltd Lalitpur has been placed on a one year and six month blacklist on the advice of the Pushpalal (Mid-hill) Highway Project Directorate and Pushpalal Highway Project Office Dailekh.

During the time they are blacklisted, contractors or suppliers are not permitted to take part in any public body procurement process.

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Wednesday May 31, 2023, 12:09:40 PM |

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