Nine hydropower companies issuing IPOs worth two billion

KATHMANDU: The Securities Board of Nepal (Sebon) has yet to approve the initial public offerings (IPOs) of nine hydropower companies, which will cost a combined Rs. 1.982 billion.

Mandu Hydropower Limited and Bhagwati Hydropower Development Limited are two of them that are eager to issue their primary shares at higher prices.

Mandu Hydropower is floating 1,636,370 units of its IPOs for Rs 235 per share, while Bhagwati Hydropower Development is floating 1,430,162 units for Rs 116 per share.

2,498,040 primary shares of Upper Lohare Hydropower Company, 3,825,000 primary shares of Vision Lumbini Urja Company, 2,800,000 primary shares of Manakamana Engineering Hydropower Limited, and 1,496,800 primary shares of Mid-Solu Hydropower Ltd will all be floated.

The issuance of 1,200,000 units and 2,500,000 units of primary shares, respectively, is planned for Chirkhwa Hydro Power and Mathillo Mailun Khola Jalvidhyut.

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Sunday June 4, 2023, 10:40:04 AM |

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