Govt to simultaneously open 71 new labor markets to foreign employment

KATHMANDU: The government is getting ready to open up foreign employment for prospective migrant workers in every nation with which it has diplomatic ties. Iraq is a lucrative location for security personnel, and the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security (MoLESS) is doing its due diligence to open up foreign employment there.

Iraqi work permits have been outlawed by the government up until this point, but Nepalis have been traveling to the Gulf nation illegally.

The ministry claims that Nepalis will be able to seek employment in a total of 179 countries, including 71 new countries, if all the nations with which Nepal has established bilateral diplomatic relations are open to foreign employment.

However, allowing for foreign employment does not necessarily mean that there will be a need for Nepali workers from all of the countries. If someone submits a request, the government is prepared to help with the issuance of labor permits.

Officials from the ministry stated at a press conference in Singh Durbar that the situation in Iraq is not the same as it was in the past and that the ministry is preparing to open it up for foreign employment after assessing the current situation.

According to Ek Narayan Aryal, the ministry’s secretary, research is being done to grant work visas to all nations with which Nepal has diplomatic ties.

“Nepali workers are in demand, even in Montenegro. Secretary Aryal responded, “Why should it be shut down? Reconstruction efforts are ongoing in Iraq, and there is a need for workers there. The situation there today is different from that of yesterday. “.

Nepal has already established diplomatic ties with 179 nations. Although 111 nations allow for foreign employment, Afghanistan, Libya, and Iraq have been blacklisted for security reasons, making it impossible for Nepalis to travel there to work abroad.

Even in those nations that are embroiled in internal conflict, the government is working hard to send Nepali workers there.

71 nations, including Afghanistan, Libya, and Iraq, will be listed as places where Nepalis can go for foreign employment, according to the government announcement.

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