UAE and Nepal agree to extend bilateral labor agreement

KATHMANDU: Nepal and the UAE have decided to extend their bilateral labor agreement.

A decision to this effect was made at a Joint Working Committee (JWC) meeting of the two nations held on Wednesday in Kathmandu. The labor contract was initially signed by Nepal and the UAE four years ago.

The Nepali side briefed the visiting delegates on the most recent labor and employment laws during the meeting. The protection of workers’ rights and entitlements was also the subject of a thorough discussion, according to the Ministry of Labour, Employment, and Social Security.

On the issue of raising the minimum wage, the UAE side has not yet commented. Officials are hopeful that the UAE will agree to Nepal’s request.

The Nepali side also suggested that there should be a minimum wage guarantee for Nepali migrant workers in the UAE, according to Nepali officials present at the meeting. Nepal also demanded efficient plans for quickly transporting the dead bodies to Nepal.

Officials stated that Nepal also requested assistance from the UAE in facilitating the return of registered workers to Nepal along with an amnesty for those who are currently facing detention.

The UAE side is supportive of Nepal’s demand, according to the Nepali representatives who attended the meeting. According to the officials, the UAE has also expressed interest in hiring Nepali domestic workers.

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Thursday June 15, 2023, 10:29:00 AM |

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