Police bust online betting racket, a person involved in betting found to have opened 63 bank accounts

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KATHMANDU: A person has been found involved in indulging in illegal transactions worth Rs 640 million through ‘1xbet’, used for online betting in different types of games and online activities.

According to the Valley Crime Investigation Office, one Dinesh Khadka of Kailali district, currently living in Chabahil, was found involved as the main agent of online gambling and betting by opening bank account in the name of 12 people including Bishal Tharu, Tej Bahadur Khadka, Nabin Chaudhary and Anita Dhital.

Senior Superintendent of Police at the Valley Crime Investigation Office, Dr Manoj KC, said “Dinesh had opened 63 bank accounts to use the betting amount.”

Police have also arrested four other persons on the charge of their involvement as the betting agent, and investigation into the case is currently underway. Those arrested are Niraj Khadka, Dipesh Shrestha, Dinesh Chand and Ashish Lamichhane. They had made a transaction of Rs 741.3 million in betting, shared KC. Police seized Rs 3.7 million from Ashish.

Different materials including laptop, mobile and SIM cards were also seized from the arrested. They were made public along with the impounded goods on Wednesday.


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