USAID agency counselor Clinton White launches new partnership with Agriculture and Forestry University

CHITWAN: USAID Agency Counselor Clinton White launched an up to $5 million USAID Agriculture Higher Education activity. In December 2022, USAID awarded this five-year activity to Tuskegee University, in collaboration with Nepali partner Sathguru, Inc., to enhance the capacity of the Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU) and increase the number of workforce-ready students by strengthening the university’s research and teaching methodology.

Established in 2010 and with a current student population of more than 1,800, AFU is Nepal’s premier agricultural university.

Tuskegee University has a long history in agriculture and higher education while using the asset of student diversity to drive innovation.

Through this new partnership, AFU will be able to leverage Tuskegee University’s experiences to strengthen the academic, research, and extension capacity of AFU and develop the entrepreneurial spirit of AFU students to become a significant force in the agricultural transformation of Nepal.

Speaking at the launch event, Agency Counselor Clinton White remarked, “USAID is thrilled to launch this new Agriculture Higher Education activity to further strengthen our engagement with AFU.

The partnership with Tuskegee University, a U.S higher education institution and a Historically Black College and University, brings a unique set of strengths, experiences, and expertise.

The activity will improve the quality of agricultural higher education, increase graduates’ employability through a market-driven curriculum, and contribute to strengthening agricultural research and extension. It also helps expand and diversity our partnerships with new local Nepali organizations”

USAID Agriculture Higher Education is one of the latest examples of the United States’ long partnership with Nepal to improve food security and strengthen economic development in Nepal.

Counselor White is on a three-day visit to Nepal, where he will meet with the Government of Nepal, civil-society leaders, community groups, students, and businesses and will discuss continued collaboration and partnership between the US and Nepal, building on our decades long friendship.

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