CAAN announces reduced airfares following decline in petroleum prices

KATHMANDU: Responding to the recent decrease in petroleum product prices by the Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC), airfares have been revised and lowered across various routes, providing relief to travelers.

On Wednesday, the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) officially declared a reduction in airfare. According to Jagannath Niraula, the spokesperson for CAAN, several routes have experienced significant reductions.

The Biratnagar-Nepalgunj route, for instance, has witnessed a substantial decrease of Rs 540, while the Kathmandu-Simara route has been revised down by Rs 90.

In addition to these changes, adjustments have been made to airfares for other popular routes as well. Passengers traveling on the Kathmandu-Bhadrapur route will now benefit from a reduced fare of Rs 300, while those on the Kathmandu-Biratnagar route will experience a decrease of Rs 240.

Likewise, the Kathmandu-Dhangadhi route has been adjusted with a decrease of Rs 445, the Kathmandu-Nepalgunj route by Rs 325, the Kathmandu-Bhairahawa route by Rs 210, and the Kathmandu-Surkhet route by Rs 345.

This favorable adjustment in airfares follows the recent decision by the NOC to reduce the price of aviation fuel by Rs 10 per liter, a development that is expected to alleviate financial burdens on both airlines and passengers alike.

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