Meta and Httpool by Aleph host Nepali advertisers

KATHMANDU: Meta and Httpool by Aleph jointly organized a event on the 18 of June at the Soaltee Hotel. The event showcased Meta’s Authorized Sales Partnership with Httpool by Aleph and has attracted approximately 200 attendees from different industries and backgrounds, including top executives, marketing experts, and digital media professionals.

As a Meta Authorized Sales Partner in over 18 markets, Httpool by Aleph has a proven track record of driving results for its clients across Meta’s platforms worldwide. In Nepal, Httpool by Aleph will leverage its learnings to serve as a direct point of contact across all products, apps, and services, enabling advertisers to make the most of what Meta technologies have to offer. Nepal, as a digitally matured and developed environment with a dynamically growing e-commerce market, is already conquering the regional markets with brands.

Regional digital business models such as aggregator sites, payment solutions, and e-commerce fulfillment providers, are already driving and enabling the emergence of other e-commerce businesses.

The burgeoning digital agency scene is very professional, providing services not only to the local market but also exporting campaign management and consultative services.

Operating locally in Kathmandu, Httpool by Aleph today has a strong team in Nepal. It leverages the best technologies and processes from Aleph’s ecosystem of digital experts to provide bespoke support – available in both official and national languages – for brands and advertisers across Nepal.

Furthermore, Httpool by Aleph facilitates billing in the Nepalese rupee, the domestic currency of the country, streamlining financial transactions for advertisers.

The event presented a unique opportunity to gain invaluable insights from industry leaders in the world of digital advertising through showcasing strategies, best practices, and real-life case studies.

Sunny Nagpal, Managing Director with Httpool by Aleph in APAC, said: “As the Authorized Sales Partner for Nepal, Httpool by Aleph enables in-market support and consulting for advertisers. We are proud to provide access to workshops and training across the region, enabling all advertisers in the market to learn new skills and get the most out of Meta’s platforms.”

During the event, Httpool by Aleph’s leadership team and five local industry experts shared their profound knowledge and insights on Nepal’s future in digital advertising.

In conclusion, the successful event accompanying the Authorized Sales Partnership was a significant milestone for advertisers in Nepal. Httpool by Aleph’s team on the ground is an extension of Meta’s sales teams, helping advertisers and agencies achieve their business goals by providing local assistance, strategic direction, and expertise across the family of Meta products.

The event provided valuable insights into the latest trends and innovations in digital advertising, and the positive feedback from the attendees attests to its success. With their combined expertise, Meta and Httpool by Aleph are poised to continue driving growth and innovation in the advertising industry.

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