First dusty cargo train successfully enters Birgunj Dry Port

KATHMANDU: In a significant milestone, the first “Dusty Cargo” train carrying coal has been successfully managed at the Parsa-Birganj dry port. This historic event was made possible by Indian Railways, which delivered 3600 tonnes of coal from Godavari Commodities to the Birgunj dry port.

Previously, the lack of necessary physical infrastructure for handling dusty cargo at the Birgunj dry port forced the unloading of such cargo in Raxaul, India, and then transporting it to Nepal by truck. However, this inconvenience has now been resolved as the port has established a dedicated dusty cargo dumping area on the No. 6 railway track to ensure the safety of human health.

Atul Sharma, the head of administration at Pristine Valley dry port company, stated that this newly prepared infrastructure for dusty cargo management will not only streamline operations but also reduce transportation costs for importers.

Moreover, Nepali importers will be relieved of issues such as theft and coal losses that were previously encountered during transit through India.

Bringing coal directly from India to Nepal via rail will prove to be more efficient and cost-effective. Previously, coal had to be unloaded from the train at Raxaul railway station in India and then loaded onto a tipper to be transported to Birganj, resulting in higher costs.

Dusty cargo encompasses various goods, including clinker, cement, coal, fertilizer, and salt, which are regularly imported through this port. Pristine Valley’s Director, Rajnish Kumar, highlighted the significant efforts invested in preparing the infrastructure for dusty cargo imports at the port.

An investment of approximately Rs 4 million was made to complete the necessary infrastructure, which was finalized by the end of December 2022. With this development, the import of dusty cargo at Birgunj dry port has been streamlined, paving the way for more efficient trade operations and benefits for both importers and consumers.

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