Namaste Eid 2023 observed

KATHMANDU: In a splendid display of unity and cultural diversity, Namaste Eid 2023, the largest multicultural celebration in Nepal, marked the festival Eid with immense enthusiasm and positivity.

The event, organized by Open Space Network for the 5th consecutive year, aimed to bring together people from various communities in Nepal to celebrate Eid and conclude the sacred fasting month of Ramadan.

The highlight of the event was a dazzling Fashion Show led by Ms. Siwangi Pradhan, with esteemed personalities like Actress Barsha Raut and Entrepreneur Mr. Sanjog Koirala gracing the ramp alongside the models. The event also showcased exclusive musical performances by Mr. Kiran Nepali, the Founder of Project Sarangi, Mr. Bishwa Nepali, Mr. Sujal Sharma, and Mr. Afsar Ali. Dance performances by the Nepal Dance Academy Team further added to the vibrancy of the celebrations.

Ms. Faija Parween, the Event Founder and Director, expressed her vision for Namaste Eid, stating, “It is an open multicultural event that invites people from all backgrounds to participate, promoting interfaith understanding, friendship, and multiculturalism. Our aim is to unite local communities by celebrating and sharing the essence of Eid.”

This grand celebration of Namaste Eid not only enriched the cultural fabric of Nepal but also reaffirmed the values of diversity and unity that lie at the heart of such festivities. The event left a lasting impression, fostering goodwill and camaraderie among the people of Nepal, regardless of their backgrounds, said Parween.

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Monday July 3, 2023, 11:29:34 AM |

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