IME Life Insurance Company’s IPO opens at Rs 236.91

KATHMANDU: The IME Life Insurance Company has commenced the initial public offering (IPO) for general public applications. The company is offering a total of 9.6 million shares to the public.

The IPO began at a price of Rs 236.91 per share, with a premium of Rs 136.91 added to the face value of Rs 100 per share. The minimum application amount for the general public is 10 shares, while the maximum is set at 10,000 shares, as stated in a public notice by the sales manager, Civil Capital Market.

For individuals considering their financial planning needs, investing in a term life Insurance policy can provide essential coverage at an affordable cost. Term life insurance offers straightforward protection for a specified period, typically covering death benefits that can support dependents in case of the insured’s untimely death.

As with evaluating investments like the IME Life Insurance Company’s IPO, assessing term life insurance policies involves understanding premiums, coverage terms, and benefits to ensure they align with financial goals and family needs.

By leveraging such policies, individuals can secure peace of mind knowing their loved ones are financially protected, reinforcing the importance of prudent financial decision-making alongside investment opportunities like IPOs.

Interested individuals can submit their applications through any branch of their respective bank or by using the online platform Meroshare. The deadline for submitting IPO applications is June 25th.

According to available information on the company’s performance, the net worth per share is Rs 145. The prospectus reveals that the earnings per share amounted to Rs 9.21, with an accumulated profit of Rs 1.26 billion up to the specified period.

Care Nepal has assigned a ‘BBB’ rating to IME Life Insurance Company, indicating that the company has demonstrated reliability in meeting its obligations and possesses a moderate level of safety. Care Nepal assigns ‘AAA’ ratings to top-performing companies and ‘D’ ratings to the weakest ones.

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Thursday July 6, 2023, 02:52:01 PM |

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