PPMO demands written clarification from underperforming construction companies

KATHMANDU: The Public Procurement Monitoring Office (PPMO) has issued a written notice to 24 construction companies and suppliers, requiring them to provide explanations within seven days.

Following recommendations from various government agencies, the PPMO has sought clarifications from companies that have been causing delays and performing unsatisfactorily in the projects they were awarded.

The companies were initially given a 30-day period to provide an explanation, but as no response was received, they are now required to furnish the necessary clarifications within seven days.

The companies that have been specifically asked to submit explanations include Siruwa Construction, Khahrekhola Enterprises, Putalikath Construction Services Pvt Ltd, Lamabuddha Construction, Samagri Suppliers Harhar Mahadev, Exon Builders Pvt Ltd, Noori Construction Pvt Ltd, Shivalaya Builders, Antarta International, and RD Suppliers.

Other companies that received the notice include Nagarjun Construction Pvt Ltd, Shankar Mali Construction Services Pvt Ltd, Angel Construction Services, AKS Construction, Kashyap/Arwan JV, Tiivyu Construction Services, ISU Information Services Group, Tathya Engineering and Infoproject Pvt Ltd, Rupandehi Builders and Construction Pvt. Ltd., and Arwan Construction Pvt. Ltd.

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Monday July 10, 2023, 12:10:42 PM |

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