Hetauda-Bharatpur transmission line commence operation, boosting power supply

KATHMANDU: The activation of the Hetauda-Bharatpur transmission line has marked a significant milestone for power supply in Makwanpur, Chitwan, and surrounding districts. The crucial 220 kV transmission line officially went online on Monday.

This section forms part of the Hetauda-Bharatpur-Bardghat transmission line project. Initially, the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has charged the double circuit 220 kV transmission line, stretching 73 km, at 132 kV to initiate its operation.

The transmission line, spanning 220 kV, links the old Hetauda substation at Chowkitol in Hetauda Sub-Metropolitan City, Makwanpur, with the new Bharatpur substation in Aptari, Bharatpur Metropolitan City, Chitwan district.

With the launch of the Hetauda-Bharatpur section transmission line, the power supply between Hetauda and Bharatpur will witness a significant boost, allowing for an electricity transmission capacity of approximately 170 MW in both directions. Previously, the old 132 kV transmission line facilitated a mere 90 MW of electricity transmission.

The Hetauda-Bharatpur-Bardghat transmission line project aims to enhance the transmission capacity for a reliable supply of electricity generated by hydropower projects in the western region.

Commencing in 2008, the project has received investments from the government, the NEA, and a concessional loan from the World Bank (WB). Construction was divided into two sections: Hetauda-Bharatpur and Bharatpur-Bardghat.

Throughout its implementation, the project faced various challenges, including local obstacles, land acquisition issues, forest clearance, and contractor performance.

Following the WB’s withdrawal from the project in October 2021, the remaining tasks have been carried out through joint investments from the government and the NEA.

Meanwhile, significant progress has been made in the installation work of the Bharatpur-Bardaghat section, connecting Bharatpur in Chitwan to Bardaghat in Nawalparasi (Bardaghat Susta East).

The operation of this section is expected to commence by mid-September, further enhancing the transmission capabilities of the region.

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