Pokhara chamber urges reduction in parking fees at Pokhara Regional International Airport

POKHARA, July 11: A delegation led by Pawan Kumar Prajapati, President of the Pokhara Chamber of Commerce and Industry, recently delivered a letter to Bikram Gautam, Director of the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal at Pokhara Regional International Airport (PRIA), requesting a decrease in parking fees.

The chamber expressed concerns over the current parking fees at PRIA, which are approximately 21 times higher than those at the old airport, deeming this discrepancy unjustifiable from any standpoint.

Furthermore, the chamber urged the implementation of arrangements to facilitate the greeting and welcoming of visitors and guests, while ensuring minimal disruption to traffic flow. The letter emphasized the chamber’s significant interest in the airport as a key stakeholder and stressed the importance of PRIA, a project of national pride, providing services and facilities that meet international standards.

Recognizing the crucial role of service quality in winning customer satisfaction, the chamber underscored the importance of well-organized, affordable, and user-friendly parking services, particularly in sensitive areas like the airport. The chamber also expressed a keen interest in supporting the facilitation of international flights from PRIA.

In response to the letter, Airport Chief Gautam acknowledged the high parking fees and revealed that the airport administration is actively working on introducing a free or paid bus service to the nearby highway. This initiative aims to enhance convenience for passengers traveling to and from the airport.

President Prajapati led the delegation, which included Senior Vice President Gokarna Karki, General Secretary Balaram Acharya, Treasurer Dinesh Chandra Bastola, and Deputy General Secretary Shobha Gautam.

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Tuesday July 11, 2023, 10:50:15 AM |

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