Tragic helicopter crash in Lamjura: Manang Air incident claims lives of five passengers

KATHMANDU: In a devastating turn of events, a helicopter owned by Manang Air crashed in the remote region of Lamjura earlier today, resulting in the loss of five lives. The incident has sent shockwaves throughout Nepal, prompting an urgent investigation into the cause of the crash.

The ill-fated helicopter, which was en route from Surke, Solukhumbu, to Kathmandu, was found in a crashed state within the rugged terrain of Lamjura in the Solukhumbu district. Concerns arose when communication with the aircraft was abruptly lost, leading to immediate search and rescue efforts.

Authorities at the crash site have confirmed the recovery of five bodies among the six individuals who were on board the helicopter. This tragic news has cast a pall of grief over the nation, as families and friends anxiously await further information regarding the victims.

The crash site is currently being meticulously examined by local law enforcement and rescue teams, as they strive to piece together the sequence of events that led to this catastrophic incident. Determining the cause of the crash is of utmost importance to prevent future accidents and ensure the safety of air travel in the region.

The helicopter, identified by its call sign NA-MV, departed from Surke in Solukhumbu earlier today with the aim of reaching Kathmandu. However, contact with the aircraft was unexpectedly severed during the flight, triggering immediate concern and raising questions about the circumstances surrounding the crash.

Captain Chet Bahadur Gurung, a seasoned and highly experienced pilot, was at the helm of the ill-fated flight. Despite his expertise, tragedy struck, highlighting the inherent risks associated with aviation. The loss of Captain Gurung has left the aviation community and the entire nation mourning the passing of a respected professional.

Among the passengers on board were five Mexican nationals, whose identities have not yet been officially released. These individuals, excited to explore the natural wonders of Nepal, embarked on what was meant to be a memorable adventure. Tragically, their dreams were shattered in an unimaginable way, leaving the international community in mourning alongside Nepal.

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