Ratna Bahadur Bhattarai reveals comprehensive agenda for ECAN secretary candidacy

KATHMANDU: Ratna Bahadur Bhattarai, an experienced professional with eight years of dedicated service in the education consultancy sector, has emerged as a strong candidate for the position of Secretary in the upcoming Educational Consultancy Association of Nepal (ECAN) election. Contesting as part of Seshraj Bhattarai’s panel, Bhattarai brings a wealth of expertise and a proven track record in the field.

Having previously worked in the Department of Internal Affairs and Discipline Department, Bhattarai’s contributions earned him appreciation from both national and international entities.

During his tenure in those departments, he actively facilitated solutions to address various challenges faced by organizations and stakeholders in the sector. Bhattarai also played a key role in providing comprehensive training programs for individuals involved in the education consultancy field, enhancing their skills and knowledge base.

With a deep understanding of the sector’s intricacies and the issues faced by students and consultancies alike, Bhattarai aims to leverage his experience to uplift the education consultancy sector in Nepal. His comprehensive agenda focuses on several key areas to bring about positive change and progress within the industry.

Bhattarai’s agenda is the establishment of a strong regulatory framework that ensures transparency, accountability, and ethical practices within education consultancies.

He intends to collaborate closely with government bodies, such as the Ministry of Education and the Department of Education, to develop and implement effective policies and regulations that safeguard the rights and interests of students while maintaining the sector’s integrity.

Recognizing the importance of continuous professional development, Bhattarai plans to organize training programs, workshops, and seminars to empower education consultants with the latest knowledge and skills. By staying updated on international education trends, requirements, and opportunities, consultants can provide students with quality guidance, preparing them for successful educational journeys.

Bhattarai further said that he aims to foster strong partnerships and collaborations with educational institutions both domestically and internationally. By establishing a platform for effective networking and information exchange, he envisions creating opportunities that benefit students and consultancy members, expanding access to a wider range of educational options.

Bhattarai’s agenda also places special emphasis on extending education consultancy services to underserved areas. By establishing branch offices, information centers, and counseling hubs in remote regions, he aims to ensure equal access to quality guidance and support for students across Nepal, regardless of their geographical location.

Furthermore, Bhattarai plans to establish a robust grievance redressal mechanism within ECAN. This will enable students, parents, and member consultancies to voice their concerns and ensure prompt resolutions. By promoting transparency, accountability, and fair practices, he aims to enhance the credibility and trustworthiness of the education consultancy sector in Nepal.

As the ECAN Secretary candidate from Seshraj Bhattarai’s panel, Ratna Bahadur Bhattarai brings extensive experience and a proven dedication to the education consultancy sector. His invaluable insights and achievements in the field make him a compelling candidate for leading ECAN towards a brighter future. The upcoming ECAN election provides an opportunity for members to elect a visionary leader who can drive positive change, elevating the education consultancy sector in Nepal to new heights.

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