FNCCI President Dhakal and Netherlands Ambassador Berg discuss investment opportunities and partnership

KATHMANDU: The President of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI), Chandra Prasad Dhakal, and the Ambassador of the Netherlands for Nepal, India, and Bhutan, Marten van den Berg, held a meeting at the FNCCI secretariat to explore investment opportunities and foster collaboration for Nepal’s economic growth.

During the meeting, President Dhakal emphasized the immense potential for investment in Nepal across various sectors, including energy, tourism, manufacturing, ICT, and agribusiness.

He highlighted Nepal as a highly attractive investment destination, citing ongoing efforts in infrastructure development, digital transformation of the economy, promotion of agribased industries, and overall industrial growth.

President Dhakal expressed his keen interest in the Netherlands’ active participation in these sectors, recognizing the possibilities for mutually beneficial partnerships.

He emphasized the importance of skill development for Nepalese workers in semi-skilled and high-skilled jobs, seeking support from the Netherlands in this area.

The FNCCI’s commitment to enhancing the capacity and expertise of the local workforce was acknowledged.
Moreover, President Dhakal expressed FNCCI’s strong desire to establish robust business linkages between the private sectors of Nepal and the Netherlands.

He urged Ambassador Berg to explore partnership opportunities with the business chambers of the Netherlands, envisioning collaborative initiatives that would drive economic growth and bilateral trade.

Ambassador Berg responded positively, affirming his commitment to facilitating Dutch investment in Nepal by actively engaging with the private sector in the Netherlands.

He expressed his intention to leverage his position to encourage Dutch businesses to explore the vast potential of the Nepalese market, taking into account the favorable investment climate and emerging opportunities.

Ambassador Berg also shared his plans to consult with the economic unit in New Delhi, with the aim of extending support to startups and other businesses in Nepal.

Leveraging existing networks and resources, he intends to foster an environment conducive to entrepreneurship and innovation, thereby contributing to the overall economic development of Nepal.

The meeting between FNCCI President Dhakal and Ambassador Berg marks a significant step in strengthening the economic ties between Nepal and the Netherlands.

Both parties express their unwavering commitment to collaboration and investment, with the expectation that this partnership will unlock new avenues for growth, facilitate knowledge exchange, and create mutually beneficial opportunities for businesses in both countries.

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