India gifts ambulances and school buses to Nepal for health and education initiatives

KATHMANDU: The Embassy of India in Kathmandu showcased a heartwarming gesture of goodwill today, as the Government of India generously donated 34 ambulances and 50 school buses to organizations dedicated to healthcare and education in Nepal.

The momentous ceremony, graced by Ambassador Naveen Srivastava and Nepal’s Minister for Education, Science & Technology Ashok Kumar Rai, marked the official handover of the vehicle keys to the beneficiaries.

This act of benevolence upholds the long-standing tradition of the Indian Government, which provides ambulances and school buses to Nepal on significant occasions such as Independence Day and Republic Day. This tradition, dating back to 1994, reflects India’s profound commitment to supporting Nepal’s health and education sectors.

During the event, Ambassador Srivastava emphasized the Nepal-India Development Partnership Program and its pivotal role in bolstering Nepal’s infrastructure in the realms of health and education. He underscored the enduring partnership between the two nations, characterized by historical ties and widespread geographical coverage across Nepal.

The ambassador expressed his optimistic belief that this assistance would significantly contribute to Nepal’s development journey, bringing positive transformations to the lives of its people.

Minister Rai extended his sincere appreciation for the ongoing developmental projects spearheaded by the Government of India in Nepal. He acknowledged India’s unwavering support, highlighting its instrumental role in enhancing people-to-people connectivity and fostering strong bilateral relations between the two nations.

The minister also recognized the broad scope of Indian assistance, which spans across educational institutions and healthcare facilities throughout Nepal, spanning from the Himalayas to the Terai region.

This recent donation builds upon the cumulative number of ambulances and school buses gifted by the Indian Government to Nepal since 1994. These contributions aim to fortify Nepal’s endeavors in strengthening healthcare and educational infrastructure while enhancing physical accessibility to these vital services.

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