Formation of committee to investigate Nepal Airlines flight delay in Malaysia

Qatar Airways proposes management takeover of Nepal Airlines Corporation amid financial crisis

KATHMANDU: In response to the incident of Nepal Airlines flight delay during the Kuala Lumpur-Bhairahawa-Kathmandu route, a dedicated committee has been established to conduct a comprehensive investigation.

Prior to the departure of Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC)’s RA 422 flight, the aircraft was temporarily grounded due to low pressure in the crew oxygen bottle of 9N-AKDB, rendering it unable to be inflated.

NAC has taken immediate action to rectify the situation and ensure the aircraft is ready for flight.

Recognizing the significance of preventing such technical issues from reoccurring, NAC has assembled an inquiry committee to provide recommendations for the future.

The company extends its sincere apologies to the affected passengers for the inconvenience caused by the delayed flight and reassures them that measures will be implemented to prevent such incidents in the future.

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Tuesday July 18, 2023, 03:00:44 PM |

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