FACTS Nepal releases comprehensive yearbook “FACTS of Nepal 2023” on country’s key sectors

KATHMANDU: FACTS Research and Analytics, a renowned private independent firm specializing in research and analytics, has recently launched its annual publication, “FACTS of Nepal 2023.”

This highly anticipated yearbook offers a wealth of information and analysis, covering a diverse range of topics from both domestic and international sources.

The publication aims to meet the data-driven needs of individuals and organizations by combining cutting-edge technology, scholarly expertise, and a human touch.

“FACTS of Nepal 2023” stands as a testament to FACTS Nepal’s commitment to data dissemination, employing various channels such as social media, public media partnerships, and events.

This edition comprises 23 national and 19 international topics, encompassing sectors such as social, economic, cultural, political, and developmental aspects of the nation. The book incorporates informative charts and engaging infographics, presenting compiled data in a visually appealing and accessible manner.

Readers can expect a comprehensive understanding of Nepal’s key sectors through the meticulous insights and analysis provided in the yearbook.

As an authoritative resource, “FACTS of Nepal 2023” equips individuals and organizations with valuable knowledge, fostering informed decision-making and facilitating a deeper understanding of the country’s social, economic, and political landscape.

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Wednesday July 19, 2023, 06:03:17 PM |

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