Large quantity gold seizure at TIA prompts customs department to form investigation committee

KATHMANDU: The Department of Customs (DoC) has taken swift action following the discovery of a significant quantity of gold that had cleared customs at the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA). In response, the DoC has set up an investigation committee to delve into the matter.

Punya Bikram Khadka, the director of the department and information officer, revealed that the investigation committee would be headed by Man Bahadur Paudel, director of the Department’s investigation branch.

The primary objective of the committee will be to conduct a thorough inquiry into the individuals responsible for smuggling the gold, which was clandestinely concealed within brake shoes.

Moreover, the DoC is also making preparations to suspend employees involved in the customs inspection process. Khadka stated, “The department has requested the names of employees responsible for inspecting motorcycle and scooter brake shoes. Once we receive the list, the suspension process will move forward, and the investigation committee will consider their involvement.”

On Wednesday, a team from the Department of Revenue Investigation apprehended around one quintal of gold as it was about to be transported in a taxi after successfully passing through airport customs. In connection with the gold smuggling case, six individuals have been arrested.

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Thursday July 20, 2023, 01:58:21 PM |

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