Nepal, China sign MoU on development and exchange of agricultural technology, skills

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC) and Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences (SAAS) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Thursday on technology development and exchange of skills in the field of agriculture.

Executive director of NARC, Dr Dhurba Raj Bhattarai and vice-chairman of SAAS, Dr Leo Younghang, signed the MoU on technology transfer and skills exchange.

It is said that the two institutions would cooperate on technology transfer and promotion developed for the farmers and agriculture sector.

Sharing the information about the MoU, NARC Executive Director Dr Bhattarai said that the agreement has been signed for collaboration to increase quality production as well as agriculture development.

Likewise, SAAS Vice-Chairman Leo has pledged to provide training to Nepali researchers and technicians on high-quality agricultural technology.

Such training would be given to Nepali researchers on maize and sweet yam production in the near future.

A Chinese team led by the SAAS vice-chairman is currently on a three-day Nepal visit. RSS

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