NTUC demands minimum wage determination through the minimum Wage board

KATHMANDU: Nepal Trade Union Congress (NTUC), affiliated with the Nepali Congress, is urgently calling for the prompt determination of minimum wages for workers through the Minimum Wage Board.

General Secretary of NTUC, Ajay Kumar Rai, issued a statement on Friday, emphasizing that the Labor Act of 2074 BS mandates the determination of minimum wages every two years based on a tripartite agreement. However, this provision remains unimplemented, prompting the demand for wages to be set via the Minimum Wage Board.

Expressing disappointment with the government’s inaction, General Secretary Rai stated, “It is regrettable that the government has not yet determined the minimum wage for workers, even after the end of July. We urge an immediate meeting of the Minimum Wage Board to address this issue.”

In its effort to push for action, NTUC has taken measures such as sending ‘SSS’ (Subba Sugam Samiti) to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Labor.

Additionally, they have submitted a memorandum to the Minister of Labor and the Provincial Government through the Chief District Officer, calling for the minimum wage to be set at Rs 25,000 per month for workers.

General Secretary Rai highlighted that the delay in addressing the workers’ demands has resulted in worker fatalities and disrupted harmonious industrial relations.

He earnestly appealed to the government not to prolong the process of determining the minimum wages of workers and to promptly act in this regard.

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Friday July 28, 2023, 01:40:00 PM |

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