NRN investment opportunities broaden as SEBON announces policy updates

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Securities Board has recently introduced its policy and program for the ongoing financial year. As part of this, they have outlined plans to make necessary amendments and modifications to the relevant laws. The objective is to allow non-resident Nepalis (NRNs) to invest in the secondary market of securities.

Additionally, the board aims to develop guidelines concerning institutional governance for securities traders. They also intend to create and implement regulations that pertain to the issuance and trading of securities for small and medium companies.

The policy and program further state that comprehensive policies, rules, and guidelines will be devised for commodity trading businesses, including Rafsaf and Fursyot businesses, and warehouses involved in the commodity exchange market.

Another significant initiative mentioned is the establishment of a dedicated data center. This data center will serve to maintain proper records of essential data and information related to the securities market and the barter market. Additionally, it will manage the current and future systems utilized by the board.

These measures are set to foster a more inclusive and robust investment environment, opening up opportunities for NRNs and streamlining the operations within the securities market.

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Monday July 31, 2023, 10:24:26 AM |

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