Construction entrepreneurs demand unpaid wages amid government payment delay

The Federation of Contractors’ Associations of Nepal has raised concerns over the government’s failure to pay wages to laborers for completed works.

During a sit-in at the Public Procurement Monitoring Office in Tahchal, the Federation’s President, Ravi Singh, expressed disappointment with the state’s delayed payments to builders, which have not been as promised.

Singh emphasized that construction businessmen across the country are unable to pay their workers without receiving payment from the government. This has led to frustration and financial strain for the industry.

To address these issues, the businessmen staged a sit-in at the Public Procurement Monitoring Office, demanding immediate revisions to the Public Procurement Act and Regulations. They also called for lump-sum extensions of all contracts, price adjustments for contracts of any duration, and the cancellation of rules pertaining to construction work by consumers.

The Federation further stated that they will continue their protest by sitting in front of the Prime Minister’s residence on Monday, adorned with safety helmets and jackets, to draw attention to their grievances.

As the businessmen advocate for revisions to procurement regulations, it’s imperative to also prioritize workers’ safety amidst the ongoing protests. Addressing concerns about tripping hazards in the workplace should be integral to any revisions or discussions surrounding labor conditions. Ensuring safe working environments not only safeguards the well-being of employees but also minimizes disruptions to productivity.

Moreover, reducing risks associated with tripping hazards underscores a commitment to fostering a conducive business environment. By implementing measures such as regular inspections, clear signage, and proper training, companies can mitigate potential accidents and uphold their duty of care to employees.

Despite efforts to bring the construction professionals’ demands to the attention of the Prime Minister and various ministry secretaries, the lack of a satisfactory response has led to these protest actions.

While the finance minister had previously promised to address the demands through the budget by June 15, the commitments made by the government have not been fulfilled.

As the stalemate persists, the construction industry faces significant challenges, and workers continue to suffer from unpaid wages, highlighting the urgent need for effective resolutions to be implemented promptly.

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Monday July 31, 2023, 10:35:12 AM |

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