Private sector considered for vehicle fitness test in Nepal

KATHMANDU: Stakeholders in Nepal are actively discussing the possibility of involving private companies in conducting Vehicle Fitness Tests, with government vehicle inspection centers overseeing the process.

The aim of this move is to streamline the inspection procedures and address the challenges faced by the government in conducting inspections across the country, considering the vast geographical reach and the increasing number of vehicles.

Mani Ram Bhusal, the head of the Vehicle Fitness Test Center, highlighted the feasibility of partnering with private companies to conduct inspections. A blueprint outlining the collaboration between private firms and the government is being developed and is expected to be prepared within this fiscal year.

The proposed procedure will establish a clear framework for regulating and maintaining the quality of privately conducted tests. It will also define factors such as service user charges, revenue collection, and the government’s share in the generated revenue.

Currently, vehicle inspections are carried out using a limited number of devices. However, efforts are underway to introduce new measures, such as the use of the dynamometer in the big lane for inspection.

Around 10 buses have already undergone successful testing using this equipment. The finalization of this procedure is expected in the coming months to ensure that older vehicles undergo inspections before being allowed to operate.

Bhusal emphasized that involving private companies can expedite the process, as they can promptly procure the necessary equipment driven by profit motives, whereas government-led procurement can be time-consuming.

With the recent shift of the transport office to the provinces, vehicle fitness test centers now fall under the purview of the Department of Transport Management.

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Sunday August 6, 2023, 01:35:07 PM |

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