Major players in construction industry among 23 companies blacklisted by PPMO

KATHMANDU: On Monday, the Public Procurement Monitoring Office (PPMO) took decisive action against 23 construction companies, blacklisting them for their failure to complete projects on time.

The PPMO’s notice highlighted the companies’ inability to meet project deadlines in various public works, resulting in their recommendation for blacklisting by the respective offices.

Consequently, these companies will be prohibited from participating in any public procurement contracts for a duration of one to one and a half years.

The list of blacklisted companies includes prominent names in the construction industry, such as Pappu Construction, Koshi & Neupane Construction Services, Natasa Construction Services, Triveni Construction Services, Samriddhi Construction Services, Nava Nirman Builders, and Chetna UKN JV.

Other companies on the blacklist include BKB Construction and Suppliers, Bluebird Design and Construction, Budhathoki Construction Services, New Construction Services, Shubham Construction, AKG Construction, KR Construction Services, Mabohang Construction Services, Urban Construction, Lama Buddha Construction and Material Suppliers, Action Builders, Noori Construction, Anjal Construction Services, Ritual Construction, Yoddha Construction Services, and Jai Bhagwati Construction Services.

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Monday August 7, 2023, 02:40:55 PM |

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