Chairman Dhakal highlights Nepal’s emphasis on Chinese investment and tourism

KATHMANDU: In a significant event on Tuesday, Chandra Prasad Dhakal, the Chairman of Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, held a formal meeting with China’s Ambassador to Nepal Chen Song. During this meeting, Chairman Dhakal underscored Nepal’s strategic priorities, emphasizing the nation’s focus on attracting Chinese investments and bolstering tourism.

Chairman Dhakal underscored the promising potential for foreign investment in various sectors such as production, energy, and eco-tourism within Nepal.

He also stressed the paramount importance of establishing direct air connectivity between Nepal and all major international airports in China. Such direct flights, he noted, would greatly catalyze the growth of Nepal’s tourism industry.

Furthermore, Chairman Dhakal advocated for Nepal’s inclusion in the upper echelons of the preferred destinations for Chinese tourists.

He articulated the ambition to fortify the relationship between Nepal and China, particularly through the cultivation of entrepreneurial exchanges and exploration of opportunities for Chinese investments in small-scale enterprises.

Moreover, Chairman Dhakal shed light on the prospect of Chinese banks entering Nepal’s financial landscape. He recommended a comprehensive approach to fostering a conducive investment environment, highlighting the potentials not only in production-based industries, agriculture, and energy but also in creating an environment conducive to foreign investment.

During the meeting, Ambassador Chen Song conveyed the keen interest of Chinese investors in engaging with Nepal and facilitating an environment conducive to profitable ventures.

He pointed out that while China initially placed emphasis on export-oriented investments, subsequent adaptations have been made to encourage investments that yield long-term stability. Ambassador Song also highlighted China’s global recognition as a substantial producer and exporter.

Furthermore, discussions encompassed the potential of reopening the Tatopani border crossing and the possible establishment of Chinese banks in Nepal. Ambassador Song provided valuable insights into these subjects.

The meeting also featured the participation of Anjan Shrestha, the Senior Vice Chairman of the industrial and commerce organization. This presence underscored the organization’s unwavering commitment to advancing both diplomatic and economic relationships between Nepal and China.

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