NTA urges 16 ISPs to fulfill financial obligations according to regulatory directives

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) has instructed 16 internet service providers (ISPs) to meet their financial obligations outlined in the regulatory framework.

Through an official announcement on Thursday, the NTA emphasized its directive to the 16 licensed companies, necessitating an immediate payment of four percent of their total earnings as part of the telecommunication services operational fees. Additionally, the ISPs must allocate two percent towards the rural telecommunication development fund and an extra six percent as royalty.

Initially due for payment in the second week of January 2023, the royalty sum was intended to bolster various telecommunication projects and infrastructure improvements. Despite the original deadline, these firms have not adhered to the NTA’s instruction. Consequently, the NTA released a renewed notification on Thursday, reiterating its call for the companies to meet their financial commitments without any further delay.

In response to the lack of compliance, the NTA has strongly cautioned that stringent actions may be taken if the service providers do not fulfill their obligations promptly.

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Thursday August 10, 2023, 01:29:11 PM |

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