Construction entrepreneurs lock department of roads Director General’s office in protest

KATHMANDU: In a display of dissatisfaction, construction entrepreneurs padlocked the office of the Director General of the Department of Roads on Sunday morning. This action is part of the Federation of Contractors’ Associations of Nepal (FCAN) third phase of protest programs.

A group of agitating FCAN members sealed the office of Sushil Babu Dhakal, Director General of the Department of Roads, early on Sunday. They indicated that the lock would not be removed until 1 PM today.

FCAN has commenced its third protest phase, targeting the issues of unpaid wages and the lack of project extensions. They assert that the government owes them a significant sum of money, the absence of which has led to substantial challenges and setbacks within the construction sector.

FCAN’s demands have escalated. They are now advocating for extensions of contract periods and price adjustments that correspond to the current inflation rate.

Additionally, the group of construction entrepreneurs has urged the government to ensure equitable compensation for their efforts amidst changing economic circumstances.

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Sunday August 13, 2023, 10:42:15 AM |

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