TIA customs launches self-declaration desk for returning passengers

KATHMANDU: The Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) has introduced a self-declaration desk for passengers arriving from foreign destinations, in a move aimed at streamlining customs procedures.

The Department of Customs (DoC) has inaugurated this dedicated facility to address the issue of passengers unwittingly exceeding prescribed limits on items such as gold, jewelry, foreign currency, televisions, and mobile phones.

The self-declaration desk aims to alleviate confusion among travelers regarding permissible goods and their quantities when undergoing customs inspections. Previously, passengers, particularly those carrying items like gold, televisions, and mobile phones, often found themselves entangled in such situations.

Tok Raj Pandey, the head of the customs office at TIA, emphasized that this newly operational self-declaration desk will allow passengers to voluntarily declare their possessions and settle customs duties for any excessive quantities they may have.

The government’s guidelines stipulate that female passengers returning to Nepal from abroad are exempt from customs duties on gold jewelry up to 50 grams, while male passengers can bring in up to 25 grams duty-free.

Additionally, individuals are permitted to carry up to 200 grams of gold jewelry by paying the requisite duty.

The TIA customs office clarified that gold items constituted solely as jewelry, such as customized rings, bangles, and necklaces crafted without the use of chemicals, fall outside the jewelry category.

Regarding mobile phones, visitors with personal devices are not subject to customs duties. However, returning migrant workers who possess a work permit and have spent over six consecutive months working abroad can bring an additional mobile phone without incurring customs fees.

Nepali travelers listed in the Social Security Fund (SSF), who return after a continuous year of work abroad with a valid permit, are exempt from customs duties for any size or type of television they bring.

Conversely, those not registered with the SSF and returning after a year of work with a permit can only bring televisions up to 32 inches in size without paying customs duties.

For other scenarios, customs duties are applicable to all television types. Furthermore, passengers carrying foreign currency exceeding US $5,000 must make a self-declaration at the airport. No duties or fees are imposed on the declared amounts, as per DoC regulations.

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