Completion of Bharatpur-Bardghat 220 kVA transmission line enhances Nepal’s electricity connectivity

KATHMANDU: The long-awaited Bharatpur-Bardghat double circuit transmission line, boasting a capacity of 220 kilovolts (KV), has reached its completion milestone. This transmission line is of strategic significance as it bridges the gap between eastern and western Nepal, facilitating the efficient transfer of electricity.

The journey to complete this essential infrastructure link has not been without challenges, with setbacks related to route changes, local opposition, tree clearing difficulties, contractor performance, and more.

Stretching over 74 kilometers, the 220 KV double circuit transmission line begins at the new Bharatpur substation in Chitwan’s Amptari region and culminates at the Bardghat substation in Nawalparasi’s Bardghat-Susta West area. This transmission line has the capacity to carry up to 1000 megawatts of electricity. Initially, it will be operational at 132 KV.

Kulman Ghising, the Executive Director of Nepal Electricity Authority, acknowledged the completion of this arduous project, highlighting how it will streamline electricity distribution from Bharatpur to the western regions.

Ghising remarked that despite the challenges of route changes, local opposition, tree clearance complications, and contractor performance issues, the project has finally reached fruition.

Previously, the electricity transfer from Bharatpur to the west was hindered by a 132 KV single circuit line, which had insufficient capacity to accommodate increased power demands. The new 220 KV transmission line resolves this limitation, enabling a more substantial flow of electricity and improved voltage stability.

Now, there are three circuits connecting Bharatpur to Bardghat, with the older circuit operating at 132 KV and having the capacity to carry about 170 megawatts. The new transmission line bolsters these capabilities, augmenting the overall capacity of the network.

Further strengthening Nepal’s power infrastructure, a 220 KV transmission line from Bardghat to the new Butwal Substation is currently in progress, with completion anticipated within the coming month. Following this, a connection will be established from Hetauda to the new Butwal Substation, creating a comprehensive network.

This achievement represents a major milestone in Nepal’s power transmission landscape, showcasing the nation’s determination to enhance its electricity connectivity.

The completion of the Bharatpur-Bardghat 220 KV transmission line, spanning 74 kilometers with 246 towers, reflects the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders. Following challenges with the initial contractor, the project was successfully completed through a new contract with Hengton Optics Electric.

Overcoming legal hurdles and community negotiations, the project managed to sidestep delays caused by objections in certain areas, notably in Binayi Triveni Rural Municipality-2, Dumkibas. With these challenges surmounted, the path is now clear for a more robust electricity transmission network.

In a broader context, the Hetouda-Bharpur-Bardghat 220 KV transmission line project, initiated with government investment and concessional loans from the World Bank, underscores Nepal’s commitment to strengthening its power infrastructure.

Although the World Bank’s involvement ceased in October 2078, Nepal’s government and authorities pressed forward, ensuring the completion of this critical infrastructure link.

Divided into segments, the project first tackled the Hetauda-Bharatpur section, which is now operational at 132 KV. The successful realization of the Bharatpur-Bardghat 220 KV transmission line marks a significant step forward in Nepal’s pursuit of a reliable and integrated power system.

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