Rasuwagadhi hydropower nearing october debut for power generation

KATHMANDU: The Rasuwagadhi hydropower project, with a capacity of 111 MW, situated in Rasuwa, is on the brink of completion, achieving an impressive 97 overall progress.

The Rasuwagadhi Hydro Power Company has entered the final stages of this significant project, positioned on the border between Ward No-1 and Ward No-2 of Gosaikunda Rural Municipality.

Swift advancement characterizes all facets of the project, as reported by the company. With a determined objective to finalize all project aspects, the company is targeting the initiation of power generation around September to October.

Initially, the project had set its sights on wrapping up construction and initiating power production by June to July. However, the project timeline encountered delays due to setbacks in the electro-mechanical aspects, specifically the interconnection of the turbine shaft and generator shaft.

The testing phase of the turbine shaft and generator shaft was carried out in India, and they were subsequently transported back to the site on May 9, 2023. These movements impacted the connection timetable, causing a shift in the production schedule.

The present focus lies on the expedited integration of hydro and electro-mechanical components, steered by Voith Hydro, an Indian company holding the electro-mechanical contract.

Despite encountering challenges stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic, the electro-mechanical work has now regained a satisfactory pace.

In tandem, efforts are underway for the installation of hydro-mechanical equipment, a task being undertaken by the China International Water and Electric Corporation from China.

Diverse factors have contributed to the fluctuating production timeline, including the devastating earthquake of 2072 BS, trade blockades, monsoon-induced floods in the project vicinity, persistent landslides impacting access routes, and the ongoing global Covid-19 pandemic.

With a revised plan, the company’s objective is to commence power generation in the span of September to October 2023. The construction budget, excluding interest, for this timeframe is estimated at Rs 17.56 billion.

Notably, the transmission line associated with the project has been assigned to MS Royal Construction Company. The prior contractor, Mudbhary & Joshi Pvt Ltd, faced numerous extensions due to various reasons, leading to the termination of their agreement due to an absence of substantial progress within the stipulated timeframe.

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