Nepal-China border crossing at Tatopani checkpoint reopens for public movement

KATHMANDU: The Tatopani checkpoint, which marks the border between Nepal and China to the north, will be operational starting from Friday.

After a prolonged period of suspended human movement at the Tatopani checkpoint, it is set to become operational once again, beginning tomorrow.

Following a meeting between officials from China and Nepal in Lhasa on Tuesday, it was decided to allow the general public to cross through this border point. The decision was announced by Ramesh Neupane, the Chief District Officer, who stated that all necessary arrangements have been made from the Nepal side in preparation for this development.

Goods-carrying vehicles have been able to pass through this border checkpoint since resuming their operations three months ago. The checkpoint had remained closed since the occurrence of the 2015 earthquake.

Chief District Officer Neupane also revealed that the border point will be accessible for human mobility starting this Friday onwards.

In accordance with this decision, individuals from the Sindhupalchowk district will be issued passes granting them a year-long permit for crossing through this border point.

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Friday September 1, 2023, 11:07:21 AM |

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