Government summons diplomatic envoys on migrant labor issues

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has issued a directive to Nepali ambassadors serving abroad, emphasizing the paramount importance of safeguarding the interests of Nepali migrant workers. In a meeting with ambassadors representing various countries, especially those serving as destinations for Nepali laborers, the Prime Minister expressed deep concern regarding the challenges faced by Nepali migrant workers in foreign labor markets.

In an unprecedented move, the government convened a two-day meeting in Kathmandu, summoning the heads and representatives of Nepali diplomatic missions to discuss pressing issues related to migrant labor. During this gathering, the ambassadors shared critical concerns affecting migrant workers and presented a comprehensive plan of action to tackle these issues.

Prime Minister Dahal advised the ambassadors to prioritize two key aspects: fostering stronger international diplomatic ties and promoting Nepal’s tourism industry. Simultaneously, he urged them to seek sustainable solutions to the challenges faced by migrant laborers.

The Prime Minister underscored the significance of such discussions in ensuring the safe and dignified migration of Nepali workers and protecting their rights. He acknowledged the vital role played by foreign employment in addressing internal job crises, enhancing the nation’s balance of payments, and bringing essential capital, skills, and technology to Nepal.

Among the major challenges confronting Nepali workers abroad, the Prime Minister highlighted issues such as fraud, human rights violations, delayed rescue operations, and various workplace risks.

He stressed the importance of strengthening labor diplomacy to ensure that labor migration becomes a safe, dignified, and systematic process, with guarantees of at least basic facilities and social security for workers.

Prime Minister Dahal expressed hope that the envoys present at the meeting would recognize the urgent need to address the situation, ensuring that migrant worker issues are heard and addressed by diplomatic missions abroad.

He issued a direct mandate to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ambassadors, and labor administrations to actively advocate for the rights of Nepali migrant workers.

The Prime Minister emphasized the need to simultaneously create more job opportunities within the domestic labor market while ensuring the safety, dignity, and systematic nature of foreign employment.

He acknowledged the persistent challenge of Nepal’s trade deficit and called for an active role in diversifying country-wise and commodity trade to maintain a favorable trade balance.

Furthermore, PM Dahal instructed that all consular services provided to laborers going for foreign employment should be technology-based to enhance their efficiency.

He also initiated efforts to include workers going abroad for employment within the scope of social security, both in Nepal and in their destination countries. The goal is to ensure that all migrant workers are linked to social security funds in the near future.

Lastly, the Prime Minister stressed the importance of promptly revising and expanding bilateral labor agreements, verifying letters of demand, providing legal defense support, addressing issues related to domestic workers, ensuring safe accommodations, and recording the details of laborers not currently included in official records.

He expressed confidence that this interaction would significantly contribute to resolving the challenges faced by Nepali workers abroad, strengthen Nepal’s diplomatic capacity, create an environment conducive to foreign direct investment, and promote multi-dimensional development in the country.

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